#Hop Fields Someday IPA

Single hop IPA brewed with 100% new hop varieties from Tono

A new variety of hops, yet to be named, is used to make this beer. These hops feature a refreshing aroma like green apples. The freshness and characteristic hop aroma of fresh hops can be fully enjoyed with this beer.

The product name, “Hop Fields Someday IPA,” comes from the “Beer Village Project,” a project in Tono City that has been running a campaign since 2020 for the Corona disaster. The message was sent as a “promise for the future,” even though it was impossible to visit Tono City and the hop fields under the state of emergency declared. It was named in hopes that “next year we will be able to meet in the hop fields of Tono.”

A portion of the proceeds from this product is donated to promote the hop industry in Tono City. This product is sold to support Tono City’s proud hop industry together with brewers and drinkers, and to connect both to the future.